“Fisherman’s Evening In”

I am so sorry to all my beloved calendar holders for being ssso late on this post for the March image. It’s been a crazy month already, and I’m just now finding time to get here to share this photo. After my recent visit to Acadia this past weekend, this image feels like so long ago! And actually, it was almost a year ago. This was another one of my special evening-after-work excursions with Josh. We set out to the Pine Point Fishing Co-Op, a destination a friend recommended. It was early June, and my spirit longed for adventure after a long winter.
The sky was pretty dull and gray for most of the time we spent there, believe it or not, and this is the only photo I got. It had been gray all day, but I didn’t care. I needed to get out so desperately, and I think that’s what I remember the most.
When we arrived, the sun was setting fast, and I ran to the beach and snapped some photos. The only one I got that entire trip. Initially, we had hoped for high tide, but I’m happy to have caught this solitary dinghy on the sand beneath the clouds.
After that, we sat on the dockside, and I enjoyed my time away from the computer, followed by a pretty tasty Lobster Roll at a hole-in-the-wall place with picnic tables; I couldn’t tell you where.
I don’t know who needs to hear this today, but experience has dictated that taking moments of rest when you need them is the key to productivity. When I got home that day, I returned to work and was quite productive. Sometimes we must allow ourselves to be swept away for a few hours. It’s not about the quantity you spend away from your desk (or work or home or fill in the blank); it’s the quality. Two hours sometimes can be worth more than two days. Sometimes two days are worth more than two weeks. Life is funny like that, and time is relative, as Einstein so graciously pointed out.
Is it time for you to find rest and take solitude in the gifts God has given to you? If so, I encourage you to dos o. You never know what you might discover in the process.