I’m not exactly sure where this was taken or if I was supposed to be taking photos there. I recall this being in York county on a rainy day between the Cliff House Resort and Nubble Lighthouse. I also seem to recall seeing some private signs after the fact, but I’m not even sure about that. I was attending a conference for work (my previous job) at the Cliff House. I remember it being a stressful time since I had a big role in planning the event (not exactly my forte). Although I feel deep love and connection to people, as a creative person, I find that being in large social situations where I am expected to perform is completely draining to me. I have three places I love to be the most, behind the lens (when that is my only task at hand), in front of the computer, or on quiet walks with my dogs or cherished friends and loved ones. We all have moments where we need to sneak away and fill up. So amongst the many shots of men in business suits I took that day, I found some extra time to get out of dodge. I needed to be free. It didn’t matter that it was pouring rain. I didn’t get much, just a few failed attempts at my first ever rained-out trip to Nubble and…this shot that I had forgotten all about until the other day when I was looking back some years in the dusty hard drive. I guess it wasn’t a wasted trip after all. This is a reminder that sometimes what we get out of past experiences, good and bad, is not always revealed to us all at once and sometimes takes many years and a fresh pair of eyes to see. I hope you all enjoy the image and find new gifts from times past.