So thankful. How possibly can I express the blessings associated with this photo? I was really feeling like I needed a win not just in photography, but in life… like really feeling it…and let me tell you how hard it was to force myself out of bed.
So here’s what I can tell you. When you’re feeling your worst when you don’t want to get out of bed, do it anyway. It’s a beautiful life and your destiny is yours and no one else’s. Find your family, find your friends, and surround yourself with love. Try to not let others drag you down because they will try. Remember what’s important. Remember why you do what you do. Try always to be a good person and be thankful and learn to recognize blessings when they come your way. This is self-talk, friends, but I’m thinking someone else on here may need to hear the same thing. Love you all! 😘